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Are you looking for information on childcare, school, education and leisure?

This website will tell you more about:

  • How school works in Germany.
  • How to take care of your child.
  • How to get tutoring for your child.
  • How to get money, for example for the school bus or lunch at school.´
  • What you can do with your family in Frankfurt.

You will also find contact persons and addresses where you can get more advice.

We have arranged the links to the internet pages for you according to topic: Is your child just starting school? Or is your child about to finish school? Does your child need help with learning? Or is your child sick? You can find the information you need quickly here.

Some websites provide further links in Arabic, English, Turkish or other languages. This information is given in our short descriptions on the pages.

The internet pages are in German. Schools or authorities sometimes use German that is difficult to understand. You might need support understanding this language. Just ask us. We are happy to help you. Please call us at:

AmkA.Info Advice Centre
Phone: (069) 212 - 4 15 15

Or write an e-mail:

Or visit us at Mainzer Landstraße 293: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 11 am to 5 pm. We speak German and English.

You can also ask at the migration advice centres. They can give you advice in several languages. You will find a list of the migration advice centres in Frankfurt here.

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If you have any more questions: AmkA.Info can give you more help.

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