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Your child is entering fifth grade


Your child has completed the fourth grade of the primary school. Now your child is entering secondary school.

Here you will find information on the following:

What school-leaving qualifications are there?

The Kulturministerium Hessen (Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs) presents short films on the school-leaving qualifications your child can get in Hesse. The films on "YouTube" are about five minutes long. They are in several languages.ösischürkisch

These links will take you to information about the secondary schools your child can go to. They also explain the different school-leaving qualifications. Parents choose which secondary school they want to send their child to. A booklet from the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs tells you who you can ask to help you with this decision.
Download the booklet here.
The information in the booklet is summarised in a flyer
Download the flyer here.

Which school is the right one?

You decide which school your child will go to. The teacher from the primary school will tell you which school they recommend. The website of the Schulämter Hessen (Hesse school boards) explains what this recommendation means. You will also find links to information on changing schools.

The City of Frankfurt am Main produces a guide to secondary schools. You can use this guide to find a suitable school for your child:

The Stadtelternbeirat (parents representative body) provides information on moving up to the fifth grade

The Stadtelternbeirat has produced a flyer on this in Arabic, English, French, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Turkish.

An adviser from the gjb (Gesellschaft für Jugendbeschäftigung e.V.) youth employment association explains the different routes to gaining school-leaving qualifications in this video. The video contains many helpful tips.

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Open days

Secondary schools offer appointments for their new students and their parents. You can go to an "open day" at the school, for example. School headteachers and class teachers talk at open days about classes at their school. The dates of open days are here. You will also find the address and telephone number of the school board here. Look for open days on the school's website.