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Do you need support for your child or are you looking for financial help?

Here you will find information on the following:

Does your child need special help with learning?

Some children develop later than others. Did your child learn to speak late? Or does your child not speak clearly? Does your child find it difficult to concentrate? Or does it get angry quickly? If you are unsure about any of these things, there are doctors or psychologists who can help. There are many specialists and doctors who can help your child at the Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum Frankfurt.

You can also ask an early intervention centre for help:

Does your child have special needs? For example, because he or she doesn't hear well? Or because she or he can't speak well? Then it is especially important to find the right school. You can find schools that cater for children with special needs on this website of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

Some schools have programmes for children who need support with learning. These programmes can, for example, be learning groups, language support or learning holidays. There are programmes for young and for older children. You can download a flyer at the bottom of the website of the City of Frankfurt am Main. You will also find addresses and telephone numbers of people you can contact.

Does your child or someone in your family have a disability? The association Gemeinsam leben Frankfurt advises people with disabilities.

Are you looking for an advisory centre for parents, children or families?

Do you need advice because things are difficult at home right now? Do you perhaps have questions because your child is having problems at school? Or has your child experienced violence?

You can get help from Erziehungsberatungsstellen (child guidance clinics) in your district. You can get advice in different languages, such as Arabic, English, Russian, Tamazight or Turkish.

There is a list of advice centres on various issues on the website of the City of Frankfurt am Main. These centres provide advice on things like child and youth protection or sexual or domestic violence.

The social welfare offices in Frankfurt offer help and advice for families, children and young people. You can see which one to contact on this page.

The Kinderbüro provides advice to parents, families and children in various emergency situations.

Children's and family centres also offer counselling for parents in various districts. A list of all family, parents and children education institutes can be found here:

Is your child or a child around you being bullied at school?

The Netzwerk gegen Gewalt Hessen brochure provides many tips on coping with hate.

You or your child can call the Nummer gegen Kummer helpline if you, he or she are being bullied or have any other worries and problems.

Do you need financial support?

If you need financial help, you will find important information in this flyer from the Frankfurter Bündnis für Familien:

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