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Leisure and culture


There are many cultural activities in Frankfurt am Main. There's a lot you can do here in your free time.

Here you will find information on the following:

Would you like to meet and talk with other people in your free time?

You can go to cafes that welcome refugees and anyone who lives in Frankfurt. These are cafes where you can meet and talk with other people. The Frankfurt hilft website has a list of all the cafes that welcome refugees in the different districts of Frankfurt:

Use Start with a friend to do things with another person in your free time. This is called a tandem. You can also find a club that suits you where you can meet other people.

The association Über den Tellerrand organises regular evenings where people cook and do other things together:

Do you want to discover art and culture?

Are you receiving basic benefits? If you are, you can use the Kulturpass. The Kulturpass gets you into many museums or theatres for just one euro. You can use it to go to performances at Schauspiel Frankfurt, Oper Frankfurt and Alte Oper for 3 euros. Find out where to apply for the Kulturpass and what offers are available here:

The "Satourday" programme run by Frankfurt's museums gives families free admission to museums on the last Saturday of the month. You can see which museums this applies to online. Information is provided in German, English, French, Spanish and in simple German:

Children and young people up to the age of 18 can visit many exhibitions and the zoo free of charge with the KUFTI (Culture and Leisure Ticket) from the Kulturamt (Department of Culture).

The KulturPortal of the City of Frankfurt am Main provides an overview of numerous institutions, offers and events relating to art and culture.

Do you want to find nice places to go to and free leisure activities?

You can find ideas about what children and the whole family can do in their free time on the Elterninformation (parents' information) website: 

There are also ideas and offers here from the City of Frankfurt am Main:

Frankfurt has some large parks and wide-open green spaces. You can go there free of charge. There's something for everyone looking for recreation and leisure in green spaces:

There are "open bookcases" in many districts of Frankfurt. This is where books can be exchanged, borrowed and given away free of charge:

There is a library in almost every district. Libraries lend books, audio books, films, music, games, sheet music, newspapers, magazines, digital media and much more:

Festivals take place in many parts of the city. These festivals are free and all are welcome:

There are also some free cultural festivals in the summer with theatre, concerts, readings and entertainment:

Are you looking for sporting activities for children and adults?

The Sportkreis Frankfurt e. V. has many sports activities for the whole family. Usually these are about more than just sport: they are all about learning together, teamwork and making friends.

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Advice: Beratung vor Ort

Children and young people can get money from the education and participation package (Bildung und Teilhabe, BuT). They can use this to participate in social and cultural events. You can get information on BuT benefits from the Jugend- und Sozialamt (Youth and Social Welfare Office) at stadtRAUMfrankfurt.

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Frankfurt museums multilingual

With the "Kultüröffner: Museum" you can explore Frankfurt's museums in different languages:

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