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Do you want to complete an apprenticeship or a vocational training course, take up a profession or become self-employed?

Here you will find information on the following:

Are you looking for a job?

You can search for vacancies on various online portals, such as the Job Board of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency):

Refugees, and anyone else as well, can use jobs4refugees to find a job:

Do you want to have your educational qualifications recognised?

If you want to have your certificates and degrees recognised, contact the IQ Netzwerk Hessen recognition advisory service:

Do you want to change your profession or do continuing professional training?

The FRAP Agency's Guidance and Learning Centre gives advice on work-related issues to adults aged 18 and over. For example: Looking for a job, professional orientation, going back to a job.

The gjb Gesellschaft für Jugendbeschäftigung gives advice to young people aged 15 to 27 on educational qualifications, vocational orientation and apprenticeships:

Are you still finding the German language difficult? Wirtschaft integriert gives advice and support to people who are still learning German and who are interested in vocational training. They also have a flyer on their website in English, Arabic and Ukrainian.

The Walter Kolb Stiftung answers all your questions on education and careers:

Girls and women young or old can contact VbFF - Verein zur beruflichen Förderung von Frauen e. V. (Association for the Professional Advancement of Women):

Beramí advises women with migration experience on work, education and careers:

Information and advice for international professionals and academics:

Do you want to become self-employed?

If you want to set up a company or work freelance or as a self-employed person, contact:

Are you unemployed?

You can get financial help in some cases if you are unemployed.

Apply to the Job Centre. The Job Centre will check your documents and decide whether you can get financial help.

Information on when you are eligible for financial help is available here in Arabic, Bulgarian, German, English, French, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish:

If you have any questions about unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV) and social law issues - such as unemployment - contact:

Do you have problems at work or are you suffering from bullying?

You can get help finding a way to stop bullying at the Mobbing Kontakt Stelle (MKS):

Just ask us! Advice centre AmkA.Info

If you have any more questions: AmkA.Info can give you more help.

Phone: 069 - 21 24 15 15

Or write an e-mail:

We speak German and English.

Advice: Beratung vor Ort

Do you have questions about careers, training, further education, German courses or getting your qualifications recognised? The associations beramí and VbFF advise women on work-related issues. Faire Integration provides information on all aspects of employment.

Get on-the-spot advice at stadtRAUMfrankfurt. All dates and information:í

All about your work

Faire Integration provides information and advice in Amharic, Arabic, Dari, German, English, Farsi, Russian, Tigrinya and Turkish on all legal questions concerning your employment:

The Faire Mobilität Advice Centre gives advice relating to work and employment to workers from central and eastern European countries in Bulgarian, German, English, Croatian, Polish and Romanian:

Information for employers

Employers who employ or would like to employ international employees can find information here:


You can also read our tips on working in Germany.

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